Click below to apply to The Foundation, the business incubator and accelerator of LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship.
Please keep the following in mind when applying. If you do not agree to any of the rules and terms of the application to apply to The Foundation below, do not proceed *

1. Apply if what you are proposing is either a high-growth commercial business or a high-impact, sustainable social venture in any domain/field/industry.
2. If you have a super secret business idea that you will be uncomfortable sharing with mentors or pitching in front of a hall full of contest participants and judges, DO NOT apply. But we do suggest that you read "Why you shouldn't keep your startup idea secret" by Chris Dixon, a leading venture capitalist.
3. Please adhere to 'max words/character count' guidance with each question.
4. We reserve the right to accept or reject any application without assigning any reason.
5. Only successful applicants will be notified about next steps via email address provided so make sure your emails are correct and that you add as a trusted email sender.
6. We generally use social media (Facebook, Twitter and our website) for announcements, so make sure you follow/subscribe to us on all these platforms. Follow us on and 
7. In consideration for their time, expertise, finances and other resources being made available by LUMS, LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship, or any other entity associated with LUMS, its mentors, judges and The Foundation Council - all collectively referred to as 'LUMS & its Affiliates' - to foster and promote entrepreneurship in Pakistan through this and similar events, each applicant hereby voluntarily releases 'LUMS & its Affiliates' from any liabilities, responsibilities, and accountability relating to or arising out of their participation in this application process, evaluations and any follow-on proceedings.
8. All applicants understand and agree that all proceedings of the event will be recorded as photographs or video and later broadcasted publicly on internet, TV, radio and any other means of mass communication, with or without editing or time lag and hence give their consent for the same without any compensation.
9. Applicants are responsible for their own travel, boarding and other expenses incurred for participation in the follow-on proceedings at LUMS.
10. If selected for incubation, you agree to relocate to Lahore and bear all expenses related to the relocation and work out of The Foundation, our business incubator.
The Foundation offers three different programs, each requiring varying amount of shareholding in your venture.
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How do the co-founder's skills and experiences complement each other for this business?

Is the founding team willing to be based in Lahore for the 4 month duration of the project? *

Now tell us a bit about your startup

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Now tell us a bit about your product/service

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What kind of progress has your business made? *

How did you measure your project's above mentioned progress? *

i.e. if you have a non-revenue customer traction, what is the metric you are using for measuring? If you have revenue, is it recurring? Is it growing?
Now its time to tread onto your market and domain

Why did this idea appeal to you and your team? *

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Do you have any competition in your market space? Who are they? What makes you different from them? *

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What is your revenue model? How will you collect money from your customers?


What are your current monthly operating expenses to keep this venture afloat? *

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During its lifespan, how much revenue has your project earned you? *

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How much revenue will your business generate in the next 24 months?

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In the time span of the last month, how much cash has your project earned you? *

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If you're pre-revenue, just write '0'
Do you intend to raise money in the future? When and how much? *

If you're looking to raise money, what do you intend to use it for?

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